Indeed office Düsseldorf

The Indeed office in Düsseldorf is an international office with a strong local character. The warm and colorful textures provide the employees a homey an comfortable atmosphere to work in. Custom fixed furniture elements define different zones within the office, bringing a human scale in the open floors. The workplaces allow for concentration, while various formal and informal meeting areas stimulate encounters and collaboration.


HofmanDujardin collaborated with the local artist Ben Mathis, who is famous for his artworks on facades around Düsseldorf. For the Indeed office, he made paintings of abstractions of typical German motives, like Football, the Autobahn, Hamburg Harbour and Berlin wall. The expressive paintings, each with their own color, now cover the core of the office floors while matching the balanced interior. It gives the international office a colorful and local character.

Meeting rooms

All meeting rooms have their own identity. The graphic walls build upon the typical German themes which inspired the pixel art walls. Each room has an acoustic pinboard to ensure perfect acoustics to allow for concentration. Due to the international character of the company, all rooms are equiped with audiovisual installations for digital meetings.

Client happiness

Indeed made a short clip during the first days in the new office. We’re happy to see the enjoyment of the employees, who will work in a completely new environment.




Interior design HofmanDujardin
Workplace design HofmanDujardin
Client Indeed
Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Project management CBRE GmbH
Contractor Undkraus
Advisor installation fit-out iBS Ingenieursbüro Skoruppa
Artist Ben Mathis
Area 2950m²

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