Villa Bloemendaal 2

In the historic Park Brederode close to the Dutch beaches is the building location Villa Bloemendaal 2. The villa is smartly positioned between the existing monumental trees to give it the best views on the luscious green park. The sunny side of the house has an open façade to give it a fantastic connection with the garden. On warm days large glazed sliding doors give the opportunity to create a beautiful indoor outdoor way of living. The entrance side of the villa has a more closed character to give privacy from people passing by. The villa consist out of four floor levels. A split level is used to visually connect all these floors.


Project Villa Bloemendaal 2
Client Private
Location Bloemendaal Netherlands
Date 2013-2015
Design architecture and interior design HofmanDujardin
Team Barbara Dujardin, Michiel Hofman, Bo Winnubst, Maik Peters, Robin Adriaanse and Claire Ginguene
Consultant construction BREEDID
Consultant installations
Consultant cost
Contractor millwork
Contractor furniture
Photography Matthijs van Roon