Villa Veluwe

Villa Veluwe is a generous villa for an art loving family. The scheme combines a spacious plan with intimate and grounded spaces, inspired by the unique, complementary qualities of the surroundings. Largely laid out on a single floor, it allows the family to grow old in a new home that fits like a glove.

The stretched-out plot in the middle of dense woods is characterized by a slightly sloping open field. On North side of this field, a smooth horizontal shape build out of three connected wings forms the basis for this new home. A curved glass façade maximizes views and provides all main living spaces a breath-taking panorama of the beautiful surroundings.

Sloping garden to basement rooms

Open and intimate
A transparent entrance at the heart of this villa connects a more private northern wing with a series of living spaces facing South. Here, a kitchen, dining, sitting and lounge area all have their unique atmospheres, being open in the centre and becoming more intimate towards outer ends of the Southern wings. The continuous concrete roof extends the living spaces to the outside, creating a covered morning and evening terrace. Floor to ceiling sliding doors blur the lines between the interior and exterior.

Sculptural elements
A terraced landscape shapes the patio which allows daylight to enter the guest rooms on the lower level. This floor is characterized by a sculptural spiral staircase which rises up to the centre of the living space. As sculptural as the staircase is the custom-made desk in the office room, in the exact same shape as the roof of the villa.


Project Villa Veluwe
Client Private
Location Veluwe Netherlands
Area 650m²
Period 2017-2019
Consultant construction Snetselaar Constructieve Ingenieurs
Consultant lighting ERCO
Contractor Vallei bouw