XPENG Copenhagen

The new European flagship store of XPENG Motors opened its doors in Copenhagen. The design of the unique showroom with fluent lines and soft shapes was inspired by XPENG’s futuristic concept of intelligent mobility and technology. It creates a universe that offers a strong customer experience. The brand’s drive to create the future of innovative mobility is reflected in the interior concept. To bring in a feeling of outer-space, the interior features several floating elements, like round shaped lighting disks, back-lit hanging showcases and a visually elevated reception desk.

Located in the Axel towers designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter in the center of Copenhagen, the store features a large curved window towards the city. Showcase of new electric cars by the brand including a futuristic flying vehicle is the focal point of design. These objects are further accentuated by giant hanging lighting disks, that make them visible from the street.

The interiors follow the building’s soft shapes and emphasize a sense of movement and spatial continuity. An embracing contour forms a naturally curved back wall of the store. Here a second layer of experience is introduced that provides more information about the brand, products and finish options, with both physical and digital elements.

The store finds a balance between minimalistic sophistication and a casual approachable atmosphere, with close attention to details and a richness in material combinations. The palette combines natural materials like terrazzo and wood with metals and diverse textiles. An expressive feature are the art installations made from perforated steel sheets. Made in different shades of brass, they reflect an abstraction of the colorful Danish cityscapes.


Project XPeng Copenhagen
Client XPENG Motors
Interior design HofmanDujardin
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Area 260m²
Period 2021-2022
Contractor ITAP
Photography Anne Timmer
HofmanDujardin team Barbara Dujardin, Michiel Hofman, David Hernández López, Shuyan Lin, Laurène Gilliot, Celia Almudéver Pérez