In centre of Amsterdam, a new 65.000m² campus for is realised. For the interior fit-out, HofmanDujardin set up a new collaborative approach to match the ambitions for an inclusive and diverse environment with the large scale of the project. They developed a masterplan for the full building and invited international designers for individual area designs.

Unique to is their diverse staff with over 100 nationalities, currently spread over different offices in the city of Amsterdam. In the war on talent, their new campus will become a home for the company and foster the growth of a vibrant community. The inspiring environment where employees and visitors will meet, collaborate, live, work and play. To make it feel home to everyone, diversity and inclusiveness are the essential elements in the design approach of the interior.


As the Lead Interior Architect, HofmanDujardin conceived the building design by UNStudio as a city, and designed a masterplan for its 11 floors. This masterplan ensures a diversity of qualities and characteristics to be spread over the building, adding a human scale with comfortable places to the 65.000m² large campus. Besides workplaces, there are several restaurants, bars and break out areas, as well as an auditorium, balcony, roof top club and learning centre.

Masterplan sketches

Unique collaborative approach

Since a rich and lively city is never the work of one architect, several designers were invited to fill in parts of the masterplan in detail. For this unique collaborative approach, HofmanDujardin set up a set of principles and a mood board as a starting point for each area. Together with design firms CBRE design, i29, Linehouse, Studio Modijefsky and UNStudio, they translated this into a rich diversity of spaces and places.

In the spirit of, the break outs areas all are unique destinations, inviting the community to explore the building and have a micro-holiday. With themes from Tokyo to Great Ocean Road, anyone will discover a favorite place to feel at home. A layer of greenery, designed and selected by Moss, stretches out over the campus to enhance a healthy working environment. The wayfinding was designed by Mijksenaar, while Scholten & Baijings created special colored carpets.


Together with CBRE, HofmanDujardin invented the work place concept which can be found all over the campus. With numerous teams spread over the vast work floors, a well-considered and designed layout allows each team to have their own place and identity. Expressive colorful elements embrace the teams and light up the spaces.

By overlooking the full interior design, HofmanDujardin ensured a certain consistency and efficiency and made the interior meet the overall ambitions. This will result in a diverse, yet well-balanced campus for and a new home for its employees.


Project Campus
Location Amsterdam
Area 65.000m²
Lead Interior Architect HofmanDujardin
Workplace design HofmanDujardin
Architect UNStudio
Project Management CBRE
Area designers CBRE Design, HofmanDujardin, i29, Linehouse Design, Studio Modijefsky, UNStudio
Wayfinding Mijksenaar
Greenery Moss
Carpet design Scholten & Baijings
Consultant hospitality Enbuin