Netflix Office Brussels

The office a streaming service company office in Brussels is a unique environment that connects people with stories and showcases the international diversity of the company. More than an office, it is a place to receive guest from all over Europe and beyond. The inviting character and open floor plans make the space perfectly suitable for small personal meetings to big receptions and screenings in the multifuctional central space. The policy office covers the full 4th floor of the Treesuare building in the European quarter. By combining all closed rooms in two central elements, the full office has a spacious feeling.

Scenographic home
Images of productions can be found throughout the interior and add a strong character to both the individual rooms and the space as a whole. Big semi transparent glass prints show movie classics, while posters on the closed walls allow to change and show new work. Warm textures and the continuous timber floor connect all rooms and add to the homey atmosphere of the place.


Interior design HofmanDujardin
Client Confidential
Location Brussels, Belgium
Project Management Turner & Townsend
Contractor Building Group Jansen
Advisor acoustics Daidalos Peutz
Advisor installations RVR Studiebureel
Area 900m²