ONVZ Headquarters

The existing building is essentially separated in two buildings. In the new situation these two will be connected by a light and dynamic atrium including the main reception, meeting rooms, lobby, restaurant and generous seating areas.
On the first floor alarge wooden platform crossess the atrium. This is the flexible work environment street connecting both buildings. This street offer a diverse landscape of work and meeting areas. The working areas are set up to be more dynamic and focused on working in groups in the front parts near the aorta and to be more quiet and focused on working individually at the ends.

Movie of the ONVZ office interior

BREEAM certification

The new atrium construction and the renovation of the two existing buildings has been certified with BREEAM® very good. The clients ambition concerning sustainability and employees health have been excellent integrated in the project. Technical aspects such as heating, cooling, ventilation and light have been optimized. Peoples energy and health were the main topics of the office environment. The architecture and interior stimulate people to have a diversity of body activities such as sitting, standing, walking, moving, etc. The central stairs motivate people to avoid the elevators, fresh fruits and water are more visible than coffee, the outside garden stimulates people to make a walk around the building and the iron bar stimulates people to do some short excercise on the office floor.


The ONVZ office is a project with many scales. HofmanDujardin designed from a small to a larger scale. From the workdesk to the landscape planning. The energetic workspace is translated into all of these different scales. The landscape around the building is a natural route which empowers exteriors walks. In the outdoors the diversity of spaces stimulate body health excercises but also places for private contemplation a group meetings. The outdoors become an extnsion of the energetic interior work enviroonment. A new way of designing office spaces.

Outdoor office landscape


The central atrium has become the heart of the building and the heart of the ONVZ organisation. This transparant arhitectural piece is the connection between the two existing buildings. Transparancy, visibility and approachability are the key features of this new dynamic area. The new steel construction already reveals the architectural appearance of the space. Large beams include LED-light, ventilation, cooling and heating installations. Spaces in between let the natural daylight enter deep into the building.

Construction atrium


Project ONVZ Headquarters Houten
Client ONVZ
Surface 7000m²
Date 2013-2016
Design atrium HofmanDujardin
Design renovation HofmanDujardin
Design interior HofmanDujardin
Team Barbara Dujardin, Michiel Hofman, Anne Boonstra, Bo Winnubst, Pieter Mulder, Thom Zijlstra , Xander Albers, Arjen Aarnoudse, Maik Peters, Marjo Langbroek and Jasper Grool
Project management CBRE
Consultant construction Pieters Bouwtechniek
Consultant installations
Contractor Aalberts Bouw
Contractor millwork Finitouch Interieurbouw
Change management Bewegende delen
Visualization A2 Studio
Photography Matthijs van Roon