HofmanDujardin Office Villa

Because of the rapid growth of our office, we looked for a new place that matches our design philosophy Shaping Intuition®. Shaping is all about culture, about who we are and the way we work. Everything we create is characterized by our core values of clarity, personality, quality and inspiration. Intuition is all about the intuitive needs of human beings in their surroundings. In our designs we are looking for the right balance of spaciousness, groundedness, expression and connection. These elements help us to design according to the needs of human beings and to create clear buildings, spaces and places.

This philosophy was also a guiding principal for our own office. It results from a design research on the team that forms HofmanDujardin, on what we do and in the kind of spaces we like to work. Rather than designing an office, the core was to create places in which we feel at home and where we like to be. Besides work related activities, we use our office for presentations, drinks, meetings or just to relax. Its universal space is suitable for various activities and social gatherings.

Leisure area

Leisure area

Hospitality kitchen

Hospitality kitchen

Transformed warehouse

In the South-Eastern part of the Amsterdam area, we found an old industrial warehouse with hidden qualities behind a closed façade. By stripping it completely, the essence of the structure was revealed: a consistent grid of slender, steel columns, carrying an expressive timber roof. Based on the grid, we designed completely new façades with large glazed sliding doors, connecting the interior to the terrace and the garden designed by Piet Oudolf. To enhance this strong connection between the interior and the exterior, skylights provide natural daylight throughout the heart of the building.

Model | photography Alexander van Berge
Model | photography Alexander van Berge

Model | photography Alexander van Berge

Model | photography Alexander van Berge

Interconnected spaces

The heart of the building is formed by the four team tables, surrounded by five closed rooms which define different spaces within the open plan. On both sides of the fireplace at the south façade, a large table and a homey lounge overlook the terrace and the adjacent water of the canal. Two upscaled kitchen islands serve the extended lunch table and act as a place to have drinks or organize a dinner. Together with the ping pong table, these zones offer possibilities for informal meetings and relaxation.

A sequence of rooms along the east façade allows for formal meetings, brainstorm sessions, concentration zones and model making. While pin-up walls divide these rooms from each other, the internal façade retains the transparency of the interior. All places are connected, however each has its own character. The resulting variety in levels of privacy matches the various activities.

The Office Villa is like a warm home. It embraces and empowers our team and our visitors.

Barbara Dujardin | Partner architect

Flexible workspace | Photography  Inga Powilleit
Flexible workspace | Photography  Inga Powilleit

Flexible workspace | Photography Inga Powilleit

Flexible workspace | Photography Inga Powilleit


Furnishing, materials and lighting are the essential elements that form these characters. On the continuous concrete floor, we placed colorful textured rugs combined with the loose furniture and carefully selected lighting, which together create a diversity of atmospheres. Expressive plants, paintings, sculptures and magnetic boards for our own design work, make the building come to life. Thereby, the HofmanDujardin Office Villa forms an impulse for the upcoming area, and above all an inspirational place for ourselves.



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Transformation of a warehouse into a work, live and leisure space


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