Production Campus

Amidst a typical Dutch landscape, a design and production company is developing a campus for production, distribution and office work. HofmanDujardin created a design that incorporated the brand identity within the landscape, architecture and interior of the campus.

The design of the site and its various buildings was inspired by the surrounding cultural landscape. The development contains three areas: office, production and distribution, surrounded by a lush green outdoor garden. 

The design of the site and its various buildings was inspired by the Dutch cultural landscape

David Hernandez Lopez | Principal architect

Office, production, assembly and logistic center

Office, production, assembly and logistic center

Surrounding green campus

Surrounding green campus

Three distinctive zones

The overall design is divided over inclining rectangular tiers in three distinctive zones. Facing the roundabout, the public entrance of the campus is flanked by the office building. Its playful layout, created by the flexible building grid, results in a series of indoor and outdoor spaces, including a client visitor center. 

The production and distribution halls are designed to be functional and efficient building systems. The production hall profits from daylight by the shifting of the building, whereas the logistic center is a closed climatized box that reflects its surroundings. The three areas are connected by indoor bridges, allowing safe routes and freely flowing logistics.

Outdoor campus

Outdoor campus



Production Campus with offices, production facilities and logistic center


Inclusive Production Campus surrounded by generous and vibrant outdoor gardens




The Netherlands






Urban Design, Landscape Design, Architecture, Interior Design and Workplace Design


Barbara Dujardin, Michiel Hofman, David Hernandez Lopez, Bo Winnubst, Shuyan Lin and Robert-Jan Riemersma

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