Architecture is not about buildings, it is about people

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We are HofmanDujardin.  We are architects who believe architecture is not about buildings, it is about people. Since 1999, we create dynamic spaces that work well and feel good. Our projects result from a unique and personal approach we call Shaping Intuition®, with a focus on the well-being of people in their surroundings. We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection. We have gained wide experience in architecture, interior design and product design. Feel free to look at our work and contact us.

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Let’s meet in Tuscany, grab a coffee in Panama City and talk strategy in the Serengeti! All this is possible in the innovative new urban campus of leading travel platform, which opened its doors in Amsterdam. A unique collaboration of multiple interior architects and design firms has resulted in an inclusive workplace that is home to over 6,500 employees.

The brand new working environment offers a diverse variety of spaces. As Lead Interior Architect, HofmanDujardin designed an interior masterplan for the 65,000m² campus building, while the building itself was designed by the Architect UNStudio. The headquarters combine the work of international design firms Linehouse Design, i29, Studio Modijefsky, CBRE Design, UNStudio, HofmanDujardin, Powerplant, Mijksenaar, MOSS, Scholten & Baijings, and Studio Rublek. Together, they created an inspiring environment where employees and visitors will meet, collaborate, live, work and play.
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HofmanDujardin is selected for the interior design of the 40.000m² Laanderpoort building in Amsterdam designed by the architecture firm Paul de Ruiter. The main tenants of the building ING and HNK are aiming for a sustainable, inclusive and vibrant office building offering a high level of service and comfort for their employees and guests. The collective ground floor and first floor host a vibrant program of leisure and collaboration. Expressive and spacious routes give guidance to the exploration of the building. The architecture and the interior design will be BREEAM® and Well certified. Image ©Paul de Ruiter.

HofmanDujardin is selected to design the interior of the new 80.000m² Česká Spořitelna Campus in Prague. The beautiful campus buildings are designed by the architects of Baumschlager Eberle Architects and Pavel Hnilička Architekti. Česká Spořitelna, the leading bank in Czechia, has the philosophy to guide people lifelong on the path to prosperity, and in this way contribute together to the prosperity of the whole country. HofmanDujardin translated the path of prosperity to an inspiring and inclusive journey from the welcoming ground floor until the rooftop terraces. The expressive social stairs and spacious voids lead all the Česká Spořitelna employees through a diverse landscape of collaboration and empowerment. Image ©Baumschlager Eberle Architects


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Alexanderboersstraat residence


Our office is located in a 1000m² sustainable Office Villa in the east of Amsterdam. With an experienced, enthusiastic and powerful team of architects and interior designers, we put all our energy and effort in creating inspiring buildings and interiors. We merge the goals and dreams of our clients with our ideas of quality and create generous places to be.

Since 1999 we work on a large variety of projects. We gained experience in the realization of architectural projects, renovations, interior designs and product designs. Our clients include property developers, housing corporations, multinational corporations, law firms and private families. Currently we are working on projects in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Iceland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia. We are ambitious and motivated, if your required service is not listed below please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like to learn and broaden our horizon.

We create clear, inspirational and personal architecture of high quality which generates human intuitive wellbeing based on the values Spaciousness, Groundedness, Expression and Connection.

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The HofmanDujardin team is a multi-disciplinary international group of approximately 40 architects, interior architects, draftsmen and interns with different background and university education. In the studio we speak English, French, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian fluently. We can deliver our services in any of these languages. The office has a horizontal approachable organization.

Barbara Dujardin

Michiel Hofman

Bo Winnubst

David Hernández López

Joana Barriocanal

Fabian van den Bosch

Nagore Fernandez Puertas

Thom Zijlstra

Oihane Garcia Meneses

Nuno Urbano

Shanuli Gupta

Iker Hernández Oñativia

Daphne van Berkel

Marc van Kaam

Selin Özeren

Erik van Schaik

Celia Almudéver Pérez

Willem Wopereis

Joshua Yates

Zsófia Muzsnai

Alwin van Soomeren

Maite Erkiaga Alonso

Aitor Expósito-Ibarmia

Vanessa Mourad

Maryna Savko

Danel Barrado

Cemre Güngör

Bárbara García Ordóñez

Inês Monney

Mario Loza Lazkano

Mihai Moga-Paler

Shaping Intuition®

Our approach to architecture focuses on the well-being of the human being in his environment. Over the years, a guiding concept we call Shaping Intuition® has emerged naturally from our work. We all need a natural balance in our basic needs. In our projects, we give people the individual opportunity to harmonize the qualities of spaciousness, groundedness, expression and connection. We combine these with our cultural values which shape our projects: clarity, quality, personal and inspiration.

Shaping corresponds to culture, and to the creation of an environment that meets our intuitive needs. Our work is guided by the following cultural values:

Clarity is the beauty of simplicity. What we do must be easy to perceive, and be understood in a natural way. The elegance of simplicity is the sign of successful design.

Quality is value. We build what will last. We have high standards, and aim for timelessness.

Personal is the authentic character of a project. This emerges from context, setting or client identity. Personal is also unique expression of our customized service.

Inspiration sparks all of us. It touches everybody who is involved in the creation and use of the buildings, interiors and products we design. Inspiration is both the foundation of what we do, and the result we wish to achieve.

Intuition is the natural balance of the human being in nature—the needs every human being has in their surroundings that may be fulfilled by architecture. These basic needs are:

Spaciousness is the experience of freedom in a space; the ability to “breathe.” The presence of light and air animates a feeling of spaciousness.

Groundedness is the feeling of security in a space. Feeling at ease in a setting is the experience of peace and comfort.

Expression is what commands our attention and stimulates us. Like art, it is a trigger or surprise that stimulates feeling and insight, or enhances creativity. Expression is powerful.

Connection is the sequential relation between spaces, both interior and exterior. Connection may be physical and visual. Connection stimulates the interaction between spaces, between interior and exterior and among people. Connection creates an adventurous experience of one’s surroundings.

Book Shaping Intuition® with text and interview by Susan de Sola, design by Erik Rikkelman, photography by Matthijs van Roon, visualizations by A2 Studio and publication by Terra. The book is available from 17 November 2016.


Urban Design and landscape

Architecture housing

Architecture offices

Architecture logistics and warehouses

Architecture sports and recovery

Architecture schools

Workplace and office interior design

Renovation and transformation

Villa design

Residential interior design

Naval architecture

Product design


To give you a personal impression of our ideas, our vision and our work ethics we publish an interview from an international design magazine.

What is your motivation for working in the industry of architecture so far? What is your feeling about this industry?
We started our architecture studies in 1990. Barbara studied in Versailles, Paris and Milan. Michiel studied in Delft and Milan. Our chief motivation is architecture’s beautiful mix of science and sociology. Architecture as an industry has been not very successful over the last decade. Unfortunately architects have not taken the responsibility. Architects seem now to rely on an top down aesthetic approach towards built environments. We think architecture is not about buildings but about people. Architects seem to forget this, and clients and users are surprised by it. Architects need to reclaim a more authentic position and design for the intuitive well being of people. While realizing this, they still need to make their work beautiful.

architecture is not about buildings,
it is about people.



Founding partners Michiel Hofman and Barbara Dujardin. Photo Marc de Groot

As for an architect, what quality do you think is the most important?
Our approach is to create surroundings where people feel good based on their intuition. People have an affinity for the balance they find in nature; we still desire natural elements. In architecture this means people need to find a balance in built surroundings which offers light and air, protection and comfort, surprise and action, and connection … connection between people, between spaces, between inside and outside and between culture and nature. In all of our designs the intuition of people has the highest priority. Also, our designs are always an extension of our personalities; we strive for clarity, quality, personality and inspiration.

Which part of work do you think is the most interesting in architecture?
The dialogue with the people around us, working together to design, collectively, great places which will inspire people.

What will you do when your work meets difficulty and pressure?
We stay relaxed and focused. We guide the project to a good conclusion with always the interests of the client and the user in mind.

Do you participate in the operation of your team? How do you think about team operation and team spirit?
Yes, we work very closely with our team. We maximize individual qualities but with an overwhelming sense of teamwork. Team spirit is a crucial aspect of our office. We see it as our task to integrate everybody who is involved in the project as an important team member. The client, the contractor, the advisers, the end users, they are all crucial in the realization of a great project. So, the team is always larger and more important than its individual members.

What do you think makes you/your team different? What is your/your team’s core competence?
What makes the difference is our approach, the way we create spaces by understanding people’s intuition. We design and realize projects for people. We understand people in their surroundings; we know what makes them feel good. An architect needs first to understand people, then buildings.

Do you have persistent vision of architecture from then till now? What is it? Why?
Yes, our vision has developed over the past 16 years of practicing architecture. We shape surroundings for people that communicate with their intuition.

What kind of architecture do you think is an inspiring building?
Many buildings inspire but that inspiration is not related to a specific style or period.

Do you have an identical “HofmanDujardin” element in all your projects?
Yes, one element that runs through all the spaces we design is the idea of understanding the way people intuitively perceive the world around them (their needs and desires) and echoing the balance that nature has perfected. We believe people require shelter, space, connection and entertainment.

Do you want to challenge any kind of project you have never done before? What is it?
We are preparing ourselves to design international airports. These are the cities of the future where human intuition is of vital importance. Our vision should certainly be projected on these large-scale international projects.

Could you tell me which your favorite books are?
Two favourite books are Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse and Identity by Milan Kundera. Hesse’s book is about the balance of rationality and sensitivity. Kundera’s is about two lovers’ perceptions of a similar situation. Both books show the human necessity for empathy for opposite feelings and approaches.

Could you share your travelling stories with us?
We travel a lot for work and in our private life. Recently Barbara went to Japan and Brussels to represent the office. During the last two months I travelled to Seoul, Shanghai, Istanbul and Paris. Currently I am in Beirut for the finalization of the project The Cube which we designed with Orange Architects. Evidently travelling opens our minds and give us ideas and inspiration but we also have a focus on our local projects in The Netherlands.

Why do you think “Inspiring” is so important in your concept?
In any project inspiration is the most valuable. I think architecture has to inspire people, has to give people a positive energy and vibration. With inspiration everything is possible. Inspiration triggers fantasy, love, dreams, goals, energy, etc.. In the design process we want to inspire the client with a fabulous project. After realization of the project we want to inspire the people inside the buildings.

What kind of design concept is inspiring? Green, comfortable, high-technical or more?
Every design which touches people is inspiring. The kind of project does not matter. Inspiration is one of our most profound sources of energy. Any design is able to touch people, it is not related to scale, client or context.

Do you hope that your inspiring spaces and products can inspire people to enhance life by themselves too?
Of course, that is what it is all about. Inspiring people around us is what makes us move. We want to inspire on every level, we inspire our clients, our employees, our contractors, our users. Inspiration is what makes people activate, feel alive.

Why do you have the idea to create the Bloomframe® Window? Is it related to your inspiring concept?
One of our projects which inspires people, what triggers their imagination is the Bloomframe®, a window frame which transforms into a balcony. The Bloomframe® window offers a beautiful open outdoor space in a situation an apartment does not have a balcony or terrace. It is fascinating to see that the facade transforms and offers you a place in the open air to relax, enjoy the sun and take a cup of coffee.


Since the foundation of the office our projects and ideas have been granted several international design awards.

ARC20 Interior Award nomination ING Cedar

1st prize Wallpaper Design Award 2009 most life enhancing product

The New York Times selected the Bloomframe balcony for the top 10 best ideas 2008

Nomination Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009

Winner Janus Award 2015 Paris

Finalist Jones Lang LaSalle Winning Workplace Award 2013

Honourable mention Europan 7 Amsterdam The Netherlands

Winner Red Dot Design Award 2008 Germany

Nomination VMRG innovation prize 2007 Netherlands

Nomination ARC12 Interior Design Award Eneco headquarter

Nomination MKB Innovation Top 100 innovative companies in The Netherlands 2009

Nomination Index Design Award 2009 Denmark

Nomination Spark Design & Architecture Awards 2009 USA

1st prize Audi Design Award 2008


HofmanDujardin is always looking for talented architects, interior architects and interns to join our team.

You will enjoy working in an international, creative and experimental studio in Amsterdam. The studio works in five mixed teams of around 8 passionate architects and interior architects each with different levels of experience. The teams are inclusive and embrace different backgrounds and expertise.

Please send your cv, motivation letter and compact portfolio to to the attention of Barbara Dujardin. Thank you very much!

Current Job openings:

Human Resource Manager (Dutch and English speaking)
HofmanDujardin zoekt een Human Resource Manager met de volgende kwalificaties:
• Empathische, toegankelijke en professionele persoonlijkheid
• 4 jaar ervaring in HR, inzicht en kunde in personeelsbeleid
• Gevoel voor mensen, herkennen van talent en interesses
• Teamplayer, georganiseerd en zelfstandig
• Kennis van relevante wet- en regelgeving
• HBO/WO werk- en denkniveau

HofmanDujardin is looking for ARCHITECTS with the following skills and talents:
• Excellent design skills
• Minimum 3 years of working experience in different phases
• Master degree in architecture (TU/Academy)
• Knowledge of technical drawing and detailling
• Social skills and a teamplayer
• Experience in Archicad, Autocad, SketchUp & Adobe Suite software
• Perfect communication skills in English

Interior architects / designers
HofmanDujardin is looking for INTERIOR ARCHITECTS with the following skills and talents:
• Excellent design skills
• Minimum 3 years of working experience in different phases
• Master degree in interior architecture
• Knowledge of interior products and collections
• Social skills and a teamplayer
• Experience in Archicad, Autocad, SketchUp & Adobe Suite software
• perfect communication skills in English

BIM Modelleur (Dutch and English speaking)
HofmanDujardin is looking for BIM MODELLEURS with the following skills and talents:
• Experience in Archicad
• Affinity with architecture and interiors
• Bachelor degree in architecture (TU/HBO)
• Knowledge of technical drawing and detailling
• Social skills and a teamplayer
• Knowledge of Dutch and English


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